Take1 Solutions to Reach Your Video Marketing Goals

2018 calls for marketers to buckle up: online retail industry has stepped into a radically new era, and it is rich in both challenges and opportunities. The struggle for consumer’s attention is intense like never before, urging advertisers to go out and beyond in an attempt to satisfy their audiences’ wants and needs. The road to success is rocky, and that’s why it is essential to pave your way hand in hand with the best.

Take1 is a global marketing company that specializes in video advertising and provides renowned advertisers with efficient video marketing solutions to get worldwide engagement. When it comes to monetization, we deliver a reliable and flexible way to monetize top publishers’ inventory on a CPM basis. In this way, we bridge the gap between publishers thirst for smooth traffic monetization, and advertisers looking to draw quality traffic to their products and services.

In the ever-changing world of digital advertising, we guarantee traffic quality and data transparency by partnering with leading anti-fraud detection platforms, such as WhiteOps, DoubleVerify, and Pixalate.

Fostering the safety of your brand, which is above all to us, we develop viewability opportunities and transparency of our practices, ensuring only quality impressions from your ads. Take1 ensures the top performing video ads are placed on relevant, high volume portals to focus on cost-efficiency and customer lifetime value while allowing portal owners to get maximum benefit out of their placements.

So what solutions can we offer to reach your video marketing goals? You can easily find the right angle to bring about any of your ambitions, whether it’s reaching a high ROI at scale or effortless content monetization – we’ve got you covered!

  • Take1 works directly with advertisers and publishers ensuring an exclusive inventory and the highest traffic monetization rate. Armed with forefront technologies, we directly connect brands with their target audience granting supply allocation on several connected devices. Being integrated with thousands of S&D sources we strive to meet any kind of business objectives our clients might have.
  • Take1’s programmatic solution is the best choice for video advertisers who want to automate media trade and simplify the workflow with a unified, one-stop method for a comprehensive planning, estimation and investment in online video ads, as well as delivering those ads to highly targeted audiences on exclusive DMP intent data. We join the dots between content and audiences, ensuring brands get their video ad in front of the right consumer at the right time and with the right message.

Advertisers can directly target and bid on viewable impressions, eliminating ad spend waste and improving metrics across the board.

  • Connected TV allows our partners reach thousands of casual viewers through various devices. With Take1, publishers can monetize content on an overwhelming array of OTT-enabled devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Chromecast and other smart TV gadgets.
  • Tons of monetizable video content from our exclusive partner, Waywire, opens up a whole new world of possibility to our customers. Video content curation platform is the instrument #1 in the toolkit of any video marketer, whether an experienced pro or a beginner.

Working with Waywire provides a complete batch of solutions to ensure the maximum engagement of video website’s audiences, including aggregation of paid and owned content into a single CMS, community-uploaded content, and content that is collected from across the web to fill out a rich and flexible library. Having such an impressive set of solutions, Waywire’s clients can easily monetize their video content using existent ads, or integrate their own.

So what are some of the actual results of Waywire video integration practices? The following infographic is based on a recent analysis:

Now that you’ve got an idea about some of the Take1’s solutions for your brand, drop hesitations aside and contact our manager to get professional aid and ensure maximum profit from your video advertising endeavors!

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